Employee restrained until September 2016

TweetIn a recent case before the New South Wales Supreme Court, an employer has been successful in securing an injunction against an employee. The employee has been restrained from departing from his contractual obligations until 11 September 2016. Facts The case of BCG Partners (Australia) Pty Ltd v Hickey [2016] NSWSC 90 involved a senior […]

Court rules that uploaded electronic signature did not download a loan guarantee

The convenience of executing legal documentation with electronic signatures must be carefully weighed against issues of enforceability and security. In this update, we explain the decision in Williams Group Australia Pty Ltd v Crocker [2015] NSWSC 1907, in which the Supreme Court of New South Wales ruled that a company director was not bound by a guarantee that (apparently) bore his electronic signature.

High Court Says NO WAY to Greedy Rich B#%$#* wanting Spousal Maintenance!

The husband applied for the discharge of that order. He relied on new evidence of the father’s testamentary “wish[es]” that, first, the wife should receive from the Group a lump sum cash payment of $16,500,000 in the event of her divorce from the husband, and, second, that the wife should receive from the Group an annual payment of $150,000 until the date (if any) of the lump sum payment.