How you can get a “civil” search warrant to prevent your adversary destroying evidence.

In Civil Proceedings where the wrongdoer is causing you damage and if you were to initiate regular court proceedings it would be futile as they would destroy the evidence soon as they found out you were taking action. This could be in situations of partnership break downs in business or personal life, in cases where there is theft of intellectual property or financial records involved, or it may be used in cases where things like cyber crimes are being committed and the proof you need could easily be erased.

The United States Centre for Disease Control wants powers that Australia has.

So sleep well tonight Australia with the knowledge you are safe from BioSecurity hazards, if one of our highly trained Biosecurity officers has reasonable grounds to suspect someone has a disease, they will initiate a “human biosecurity control order” which can involve the threat being decontaminated by vaccination, and most importantly to appropriate medical standards.

How to find the true identity of a Social Media Troll who is causing you harm

So both in Common Law and by virtue of legislative instruments if you are the Victim of a Troll on the Internet who hides behind an Anonymous account, BEFORE you commence action against the Troll you need to know their true Identity and the above shows you how, in law, the Courts and the legal system are here to ensure you get Justice and the perpetrator is called to account.