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  • Sue Walker says:

    Some good points made. It’s concise and and easy to read. Might defend my speeding ticket. The cop never offered to show me the photo. Too busy telling me to stay in my car.

  • Karen Harris says:

    I am wondering if this is also applicable to Qld, as it states that this is using Victorian rules, can we have some confirmation as to whether this would also apply in Qld, if so I will use this for my case. They have entered it in the Q9 and also made comment that I knew the system or rules.

  • There is a statutory time limit on retrieving money.

  • Mass Incarceration: The Most Important Political Issue of 2016 No One Wants to Talk About
    The mushrooming prison population is a political ticking time bomb.
    Too much emphasis is on the punitive approach rather than erasing negative tapes from the
    discriminating laws that blighted our Colonizing history.Why copy the other nations that now
    regret the cost of escalating prison numbers!1

  • Canadian Aboriginal Judge headed the truth and reconciliation process He stated He was succeeding in another man’s culture.
    “As an Aboriginal student it denied to me any sense of pride about the role of my ancestors in the history of this part of the world. For my non-Aboriginal classmates, it taught them that we were wild and savage and uncivilized, and that given the conditions of Aboriginal people in modern society, we had not advanced very far from that state.
    “My education lacked relevance for me, and this was so despite my success at it. But that success came at a price. It taught me and others that my people were irrelevant.
    “By implication, it caused me to feel that I was too. It taught us to believe in the inferiority of Aboriginal people and in the inherent superiority of white European civilization, and in order to get the grades that I did, I was compelled to repeat that unconscious mantra.”
    DICWG FNQ see cultural truth is a necessary part of reconciliation that over policing overlooks to our shame

  • Darryl Pipe says:

    Oh what a wicked web we weave . I’m a common law man . Let the people talk and hear them .

  • Connecting those in need with the legal system:
    The interim report also outlines key strategies still to be explored, including:
    ▪ Unlicensed practice of law rules. UPL is an issue when clerks of court find consumers standing at their counters asking for help in filling out and filing the proper legal forms. Clerks want to help, but they don’t want to violate UPL rules.
    ▪ Creation of nonlawyer “civil legal assistants,” such as those in California, Illinois and New York — akin to how physicians assistants help doctors.
    ▪ Creation of a “navigator” system where trained experts can direct people to resources, either through the gateway portal or outside of it.
    ▪ Designation of residual funds from class-action lawsuits to fund pro bono projects.
    Read more here:

  • Jody Simpson says:

    This is a sore point for me, however a perfect example of fatal flaw in the Australian justice system.

    The options available to assess the best interests of the child are inadequate to the detriment of the child. Rite of passage is given far to much credit for something they know NOTHING about.

    Time constraints is but one very simple , However crucial factor in why the court are not positioned to know the best interests of the child, nor are they truly consider it a priority. If so, they would make the time to understand the child and their best interests. Unfortunately, like most parents who are willing to use the child as a pawn to achieve advantage, the family court are guilty of the same thing. How can a family court consultant know after a half hour consultation with each party where animosity and conflict exists, then write a conference memorandum of accuracy?

    The fact is that without evidence they cannot, therefore it infuriates me that these consultants are referred to as “expert witnesses” and considered more credible than adults in dispute.

    The Family Court determine a person’s credibility to be directly related to a combination of socioeconomic status and ability to articulate the most convincing affidavit.

    In summary: That criteria undermines the whole purpose for having a Justice System in the first place.

    You could be Forrest Gump or Sam I am, and lose your precious child to the dysfunctional State System of child welfare because of the judgemental ignorance of a power tripping authority who is assumed to know better than both sides, the best interests of the child.

    What fuels my anger even more is the lack of accountability associated with decisions made which can easily be proven NOT to be in the best interests of your child, however time constraints do not permit.

    The entire legal system is a joke that is based on a foundation of conflicts of interest, and no real recourse for accountability.

    It’s disgraceful.

    • Jane Parish says:

      Totally agree with you Jody, I am so over this system.
      Some of these so called Family Reporters have a lot to answer for. Like you I agree, How can these people make a judgement on your family life in just a few hours. I also believe that these Family Report Interviews should be videoed and recorded. Yesterday, I had to watch my 12 year old go back with her father after she alleged he had punched her in the leg because of some simple little thing 5 days before she came to me for access. The night after he allegedly hit her they had another argument over the same thing and he told her to pack her bags and get out. .She showed her bruise to the teacher and guidance officer the day after it happened and they were both going to report it to Docs. and also has been reported by a doctor. It has been shown to police etc but a formal complaint couldn’t be made because previously the x had taken the children off me and had them make false allegations of physical abuse against me. I was charged but they were dropped because there was insufficient proof of evidence and because of the credibility of the police witnesses. I had plenty of evidence to prove my innocence, even recordings which I am so glad I recorded. The x was also a friend of the cpu officer who charged me. She was not taken off the case as a conflict of interest. and the child has since said that her father made her make the allegations ag or he would hurt me or her. Now they are saying she is playing one parent against the other yet my elder daughters and I lived with this man for 10 years and he certainly hasn’t changed his behavior patterns. I took the eldest child to the dr as she had an enormous bruise on her leg. He advised me to go to the police. I took her there and asked for advise as I knew she was determined not to go back and she was scared that he may hurt her again. However I did not make a formal complaint as I am afraid the Family Court will think its tit for tat.
      The 12 year old was refusing to go back. I was advised by my solicitor who had been told of all that had happened. that she had to go back and to take her back to her father. I took her to where we meet and she refused to get out of the car and told him point blank that she was not going back with him. He demanded she get out of the car but she still refused. I ended up taking her to her school and the staff suggested we leave her there as she did have some assessments due and it may be a distraction for her. However on ringing the school during the day to see how she was going, they said she had had a meltdown and was watching the clock and as the hour was getting closer to end of school she still was stating she wasn’t going back, My solicitor advised me that she is 12 years old and can make a stand but she must tell him herself that she was not going with him so let him turn up to pick her up and see what happens and if she refuses to go then I can pick her up. I waited for the school to ring me and I go a phone call to say that they wanted to see me. I went to the school to find out that the police were there and the child had gone with her father. The school had called the police to drive past and be around incase there was a scene. However they were there and had spoken with the father and the child. The policeman was very rude and told me blank that she had to go back and waved the family court orders at me. Apparently the x had told them that my solicitor had emailed his solicitor and told him that he had to pick her up. (MY solicitor denies doing so) . The police officer was not interested in one work I had to say and kept stating that she had to go because that was what the orders said and that was that. Even after explaining how verbally abusive the x can be and how he messes with the childrens heads, and telling him what verbal abuse this child will probably have to endure when the father gets her out of everybodies sight, he still would not listen and kept on about the orders. His words were you’ve had her to the dr, the police know about it and the staff here at the school will keep an eye on her. There was nothing I could do. So here I am…I haven’t been able to speak with the children now for 2 nights as the x won’t let me, so don’t know how she is going. She was back at school today and the school did say she seemed ok. I question. What is more important… the paper that words are written by someone who doesn’t know this man at all or the safety of a child. The Family reporter we had was very much in favour of the father. He wasn’t interested in what I had to say and wouldn’t even look at new evidence we had to prove our case and what these children were enduring. He didn’t even write in his report that he spoke to the childrens 29year elder sibling. He would not even speak with the childrens paternal grandmother who also suffered verbal abuse and threats from this man her own son. I spoke with him for an hour, the x spoke with him for just over and hour and the girls would have had about 20 mins each. And we get told that these judges rely on the family report for their verdicts.. What a joke…One spends thousands of dollars to get an affidavit done but whats the use.. .What time does a judge have to read them when he has to push through 20 cases or more a day. and he relies on what the reporter says anyway and also the here say in the courtroom. Your righ…t Its disgraceful and they certainly don’t act in “best interests of the child” and Why don’t they look at the cases individually instead of putting them all in the one basket. and Docs that’s another joke. This matter has been reported to Docs by at least 4 people and Surprise have heard nothing.. I was told last night that unless it was an emergency..that is the child has to have been noted with several bruises and it has to be consistant. So I question Does that mean a child has to endure more of this father verbal and physical abuse before anything can be done.
      And they say these people from overseas are trouble….What’s happening in our own backyard… Children are being subjected to a life they don’t deserve because the this so called Family Justice System wont listen and its seems no matter how honest you are they still believe the one who can put on the charm and lie through their teeth.

  • David Sharp says:

    I don’t think islam and western religious values mix.i think for one if this is not evident to who ever is taking in Muslims really needs to pull there head out of the sand .

    • I am an Indian and till the end of the 16th century, 80million non muslims in india had been murdered. Since the inception of mohammeds islam in 7th ad. The mideast has been immersed in a bloodbath. After 1400years our politicians are still holding out the olive branch ad the muslims are taking tha branch and whipping us with it. The fault isnt themuslims for coming here to country and then creating thesame hostile conditions as they have back in their dustbowls….the fault is our politys that allows them in.

  • Susan Taylor says:

    I am VERY concerned about all the refugees being allowed into Australia. They do not assimilate into our life style and are intent on changing how we live. Halal is not acceptable as we are forced to pay extra for food that had been offered to a false god. No one seems to be honest enough to state where the money goes, I strongly believe we are supporting terrorism by purchasing food stuffs. This doesn’t take into account the growing terror attacks that are increasing on a daily basis or the extra cost, money that has to be used to pay police and authorities for extra protection. Costs that never had to be paid prior to Muslim refugees entering our country. There seems to be no sure way to process these people so that the terrorist don’t slip through the cracks. I ask for the govt to put the safety of our country, the safety of our lifestyle, and mostly the safety of our people before any refugee. Halal, Sharia law, child brides (and the subsequent rape of these children) have NO place in Australia.

  • Brien Doyle says:

    We have seen the future by using our hindsight gained from Europe.
    It is apparent that it is irresponsible to continue bringing in migrants from the Middle East as they have shown that they will enforce their tribal conflict cultures and ultra-conservative attitudes and morality without regard to the host nations laws of the land.
    We must call for a moratorium on this migration unless and until our government is proven to protect our national integrity.
    To do otherwise, with full knowledge of the obvious and inevitable consequences, could be considered criminally irresponsible.
    It is a matter of prioritisng the plight of the refugees against the better good of Australia, as Australia will not survive as we know it.
    For those here, it is imperative that each and every one goes through a multi-day induction course on the laws and ethics, democracy and human rights, and score a hundred percent on all parts and sign off that they understand and will abide by all rules.
    (I have had to do this on numerous mining sites in order to enter and work )

  • Kat Headford says:

    We have Farmers in need of money to survive, we have homeless, children that need homes, a health system that needs a major overhaul and other things desperately wrong in this country, but our government wastes millions to bring people over here, and NOT helping its own? The past governments have plunged Australia into so much dept and it’s only getting worse, and who’ll will have to pay? The Australian working public, NOT the people in government, NOT the rich, and not the refugees, it’s the people that make Australia what it is. So in my opinion letting people into our country, before looking after our country needs is a DISGRACE.

  • Jan Moon says:

    No more refugees. The govt is too inefficient in their dealings with these people, bureaucrats have no idea about real life. The govt ic currentyl hassling and about to crackdown on welfare recipients, but are quite happy to go on paying it to refugees. I hate the way this country changes our long held traditions (e.g Christmas, Easter, the singing of the National Anthem for a start) My children have lived in many different countries, including PNG where they had to sing the PNG National Anthem every morning at school. Is that such an imposition when, especially refugees, you are taking from the government to live your life in safety. Even these peop0le who have been here 40 years or more don’t care to assimilate. How many do you meet who have been her years, but still can’t speak English. And as for building of Mosques, one of the reasons they like to come here is because they know we are weak and will let them have their way. We don’t see China, Korea, Singapore and Easter and Middle Eastern countries rushing to take these people – and they don’t want to go there anyway, because they know that they would have to live by those countries rules, not like Australia, who bends over backwards for then, at the cost of our own homeless, poor, and those with mental health problems, or diseases and health problems that cost huge sums to cure. We can’t afford to help with that, but we can throw money at perhaps dangerous refugees. Who knows who is already in our country, and whether they are a threat?

  • We do not think Islam is compatible with our way of life especially when they are trying to change our lifestyle to theirs as everything we do seems to offend them –also with the state of our economy at the moment we certainly can not afford people that will not work and rort our welfare system leaving us in Deep Debt having to borrow more money just to feed, clothe and pay them welfare also their beliefs of FGM, child marriage and sexual abuse are not wanted here certainly are not compatible with our beliefs as we have enough of these people of our own and certainly do not want a culture that thinks it is normal, Christians yes Islamics NO Because their secular fighting that has been going on since the year dot and will start up here –just look at what is going on in the world –whereever there is trouble Islam is Invoved– until we can look after our own homeless we should not take any more immigrants –get the infrastructure up and running first then consider it again

  • Diane Nolan says:

    While our Vets and homeless live on the streets and our elderly don’t have heating in winter, and cooling in summer. While our politicians take pay rises and while Muslims who are already here rote the system by deceit. While M.T. Send money to scams at the UN. Australia cannot afford to bring in others from Muslim countries who have never worked a day in their lives, or unskilled and will only add to the housing, hospital, and other costs at the expense of our own. No to anymore unskilled country welfare shoppers. Look after our own first.

  • About 15 years ago I started warning people about the consequences of admitting people in to the country who’s lifestyle dated back many centuries, and who had no intention, then or now, to assimilate in to our culture. I was vilified then, and many still do now.
    I am past being polite, as I see the country going exactly in the dorection I warned of.
    My opinion now is Australians ware either dim witted idiots, or obnoxious self centred fools, so far up themselves, they have little or no idea of reality.
    So , my opinion about refugees, “If you cannot differentiate between the good and the bad, there is only one option, keep them all out until you can pick the difference.
    But then what would I know?
    I’m just a right wing nut job to you lot of thick headed twits.

    • Well said Barry, you don’t know who is the true refugee or the terrorist in sheep’s clothing, so our borders need to be shut, and more extensive checking need to be done. In the mean time the Government should stop sending money over seas and start looking after those who pay the wages. And further more we have Homeless, Elderly and veterans without basic needs and the government give themselves a pay rise, I can’t see the how that is fair at all.

  • Des Bell says:

    It has become obvious with events throughout the world and here in Australia, events which are always NOT reported in our local media, that Islam is incompatible with the views and standards of the western world.

    The government struggles to find money to look after our elderly, our sick, our homeless and our farmers.

    Yet they joyfully throw billions of dollars at the UN (a corrupt organization) and at Islamic refugees whose only intentions are to live off our social security and to make sharia the law of the land.

  • Its’ not fair to forget your own people first. We have many problems that we need the money to fix things here such as the elderly, the sick, the homeless , farmers & industry folk etc. To welcome these people here is an atrocity to the ones who deserve it more .These people have not integrated into our society properly & kept them selves segregated deliberately for their religion differences .The Koran is violent extreme & the sooner you recognise that the sooner you can go about repairing the damage you have already caused by letting them get away with murder ,female genital mutilation ,rape, female suppression intimidation to those who venture into their areas & blatant disrespect for our countries laws. A huge civil unrest is prevalent & I feel the people may take matters into their own hands as the islamics have been doing !!! its your job to protect ,look after us & serve you people the best you can……..DO YOUR JOB or get some one in who will !. DR.

    • Kim Blogg says:

      The Australian people need help before anyone else. This is not happening, this unelected government is putting the refugees before Australian people I am just Disgusted David Rochford you are so right

  • I very concerned with the level of Islamic migrants being permitted into and already living in Australia. The best majority refuse to assimilate into Australian culture at the very least, and at worst loathe and dispise our way of life. Yet they are more than willing to take all the benefits (welfare and free health care) that we provide them with. As a community they have the highest level of criminal element in prisons and involved in illegal practices. Unlike other nationalities that have chosen to migrate here over the past 50 yrs, Muslims have failed to contribute to Australia in any positive way. All Muslim immigration should be stopped immediately. All mosques should be monitered and all welfare recipients should be investigated.
    Most Australians have had enough of kowtowing to them. With everything that is done to help them it’s never enough, they always want us to give more to them! Well enough, the politicians should start looking after elderly Australians and genuine welfare cases that have worked hard all their life, paid taxes and now need a little help! If they don’t want to live by our laws and embrace our culture, they should leave!

  • stevmand says:

    They go overseas on Junkets and show off how passionate they are and willing to help with our Taxes Then come back and SCREW us the Pensioners because we are living too long and want to increase the health budget and Center link by increasing Taxes

  • Migration of people from lesser moral societies has been an enormous irresponsible decision. Clearly two societies that are opposite to each other would never work & is clear neglect of safety to the original citizens of the country.
    In my my eye’s it is a criminal act that should be prosecuted. What fantasy are authorities in, thinking that people who stone women to death can stroll down the street & suddenly respect life? The culture in middle eastern countries is criminal behavior according to us! So why would you invite thousands of criminals in? So they can rape, pillage & claim their spoils from booty?
    Then to invite Islam in, an evil, monstrous, self superior doctrine that declares takeover? That declares we will be slaves? That believe & practice lying to all of us, so they slowly take over with Islam?
    There is 1400 yrs of history which explicitly shows Islam for what it is, it is “no way” a religion.
    Religion of peace, what a bad terrible joke that is!
    Only when you are a Sunni Muslim, is it peaceful. All the rest are running from Sunni Muslims.
    I am a born again Christian & I have been tricked all my life & have been eating halal. Which is forbidden for me, it’s forbidden by all religions.
    They don’t assimilate they disintegrate a once harmonious societies. Multiculturalism has not failed, the totalitarian ideology of Islam fails multiculturalism, they are ordered to dominate & pretend they are our friends.
    Their god is nothing like the Christian God, their god orders death, war, invasion, slavery & far more sinful act’s. Our Christian God DOES NOT hurt or order any horrible act against anyone.
    The Qur’an should be banned, it is a war manual faking as a religion! Ripping the country off blind, squeezing every dollar under false pretenses, lying & scheming everything they can, because their Allah State’s it as a religious right.
    The Qur’an is the book of the devil, any SIN you can think of is in the Qur’an to do.
    Everything our Christian God states as SIN, their Allah in the Qur’an gives permission.
    Our government have asylum to Muslim Brotherhood leader’s escaping execution in 1068, who on earth thinks that crazy?
    Our country is being destroyed by people not worthy of being here.
    You bring them you bring the war, values, morals & their law with them..
    We have so many people on the streets & they are in desperate need of help. Our farmer’s are falling apart emotionally & financially, some even committing suicide?
    Our politicians are an utter disgrace. Being accepting of one’s religion SHOULD NOT MEAN throwing away morals & decency. It certainly should not mean letting them hurt, rape & kill. It shouldn’t mean giving into demands over the country & it’s people. It should not mean having to accept criminal behavior as cultural, why are they here in the first place.
    We have hungry citizens on our streets, they have no homes &.are in danger, our government is neglecting people born here. Muslim people do not respect our country, our ways or even us.
    We have no government atm, it certainly isn’t ours, they are going everything AGAINST US.
    The government are flooding our country with criminals that despise us all. The government is our enemy, Islam is our enemy. Both are destroying our country to suit themselves, no one else.
    There will be nothing than pain & terror left, by the time my grandchildren grow up.

  • Carmen Bray says:

    I certainly do – I believe that immigration should come to a halt for a period of at least 5 – 10 years whilst our immediate problems in our country have been solved. After commencement – Immigration should only apply to qualified people who may have been sponsored by a company or families who will support them on their arrival and for however long it would take them to acquire a job to fend for themselves and their immediate family the way it used to be in past years. Taxpayers should not be burdened with having to pay for their livelihood in any way, shape or form. Centrelink MUST NOT be made available for new comers. I would much prefer to welcome NON-MUSLIMS into my country.

  • Kim Smith says:

    Islam is not compatible with Australian culture and lifestyle.
    Only Christian migrants should be allowed into Australia from the Middle East

  • Peter Carè says:

    Im not racist against skin color, or religion.. Im racist against attitude..I have no problem with the Migrant Intake , aslong as those said miagrants intergrate into the australian way of life.. If they dont want to do that, leave, its pretty simple.. Sometimes I thiik these said people forget that they need us.. we dont need them..

  • Johnny Juno says:

    I don’t believe many non-Muslims understand the ideology of Islam. First, let me point out I do NOT hate Muslims… and I have been advocating for more immigrants for over 40 years! But Australia has the right to choose who we admit, and not be forced to simply accept anyone who wants to come here by outside “forces” like the U.N. If you think all those who arrived by boat were true asylum seekers, you are very much mistaken. The AFP have proved a very high proportion of those arriving were in fact, country shoppers – and some even chose to return to their countries, than wait for processing.
    You must accept that a practising Muslim follows the teachings of Islam…. and cannot choose to follow some teachings and ignore other teachings. Islam itself DEMANDS that all Muslims do not assimilate, and they are FORBIDDEN to befriend ‘infidels’, under pain of eternal hellfire, and in fact they are commanded by the quran to “pretend friendship” only if it will advance the Islamic cause. ALL Muslims MUST fight (one way or another) to install a global caliphate, for Allah (a false god). These are teachings of Islam, and Muslims must obey. The quran explicitly divides the world into two parts – the believers and the non-believers. It is the sacred duty of all Muslims to cleanse Allah’s world on non-believers. (Research taqiyya, kithman, tawriya, muruna and hudna.)
    Do gooders, apologists, the politically correct brigade and morally-inverted “lefties” must understand that it is the ideology and the not so small number of orthodox Muslims following the ideology to the letter that matter. The peaceful majority never has any say in totalitarian ideologies, whether Imperialism, Fascism, Communism or Islamism.
    Obviously, not all Muslims are radicals (intelligence agencies worldwide estimate the radical element to be between 16% and 23%) – most would happily assimilate and live peacefully IF the Islamic ideology permitted, but any assimilation is forbidden by the quran itself. At the moment we only have a 2.5% Islamic population, but logic dictates that EVERY majority starts out as a minority….
    Can you name those countries anywhere in the world where Islam, in it’s well documented 1400 year history of violence, has co-existed peacefully with the indigenous population once Islam gains a majority (or near majority) demographic? Look at the effect Islam has had in Sweden, the US, France, the UK, in fact most of Europe and enlighten me as to why anyone would think the future will be any different for Australia. I’d also love to hear what non-Muslims find so appealing about this particular ideology……

  • Wendy Pullen says:

    I worry that we have trouble getting along. many not all
    , want the way of life they left. Here in Australia e.g Halal food and their own laws. We seem to get in trouble with offended others. We also have many homeless here who need our help. Our defence men and women need our support when they come home. There is more violence seen in our streets now(rallys). we are in debt and need to fix our economy.Please don’t say I am a bigot for wanting to look after Australia first. Thank You Wendy

  • Ishe Boge says:

    I have no legal background and maybe that’s a good thing, since I’m not preoccupied with legal precedence. It seems to me that the govt wants parental consent and is prepared to offer financial incentives to that end. The ethics of the medical profession is tied to “informed consent”, quite a different (but similar) thing. I don’t see how parents (or doctors for that matter) anywhere in the world can give (or expect) informed consent when the dealings of the avenue of compensation in terms of injury (The Vaccine Court) are not available for public scrutiny. That would be like having just a diet of Fox News and no ABC. It appears that the only way to access identity redacted transcripts of cases appearing before the Vaccine Court is through FOI, although I could be wrong about even that. So we have a situation where parents cannot possibly give ‘informed consent’ and doctors very likely are equally pushing an industry generated view, expecting parents to roll over and surrender to the powers that be. It’s clear that the firewalls between corporations and users have failed on the govmt level, the medical provider level and the final legitimate firewall standing is the parent. Perhaps we should collectively demand the answers before making important decisions like this one on behalf of the next generation. My 2c.

  • could you write out a simple legal form that parents could take to their doctors, when they ask for medical exemptions. If the doctor refuses, he would need to sign a form saying he accepts full responsibility for anything bad that occurs because of the vaccine. I would guarantee the doctor will refuse to sign, therefore he/she would have no choice but to give medical exemptions.
    The government is trying to shift the blame of adverse reactions, from vaccine manufacturers, to the doctors, and doctors are not so silly as to accept being sued, surely?

    • Danny Jovica says:

      Angela the issue here is not about the Doctor having “no choice but to give the medical exemptions”; in fact quite the opposite if you read the paper above carefully you will note the Doctors hands are tied and has virtually “no choice” but to refuse to give you a medical exemption. Which is why the paper examines the plausibility of this being civil conscription which is prohibited by the constitution.

      Having said that I am working on a solution which unlike the above that involves a constitutional challenge, it appears there may be a way in Administrative Law where the individual can take action themselves in a relatively simple way to be able to challenge the legislation, but I will not be ready to publish that at least for another 4 weeks.

  • Helen Pratt says:

    Thanks to the Australian Paralegal Foundation. Now, how does one go about mounting a challenge to the legislation and do any of us have deep enough pockets? I might say here that I have no young children or grandchildren as yet but I feel deeply that the No Jab, No Pay is an abomination with consequences for our society going way beyond the stated intention of this law. I do like the idea of Angela Eisenhauer’s, to present the doctor with a form to sign in which he accepts responsibility for any adverse health outcomes resulting from the vaccination procedure. After all they pay enormous sums in professional indemnity insurance each year for just such events. Given the “first, do no harm” part of the Hippocratic Oath, one wonders how on earth they square their consciences when it comes to delivering vaccines to people who are only there because they would be financially disadvantaged if they refused. If that’s not force I don’t know what is. If there’s a bad reaction I suppose you just do what it is reported the medical profession in America does: you tell the patient that their vaccine reaction isn’t a vaccine reaction. Problem solved!

    • Danny Jovica says:

      The answer to your question is somewhat similar to the answer provided to Angela Eisenhauer below and lays in Administrative Law which can give an individual the ability to challenge the decision, a paper on that along with a template should be ready in the coming weeks.

  • Has any body looked at this piece of Criminal Legislation (The Government Can not Break the Law and the Current Legislation matches perfectly with Extortion) It a very easy read all has to do with Coercion and detriment both physically and Financially .

    Why is everyone skirting around the obvious parliamentary privilege does not give them the right to break the law

    415 Extortion

    (1) A person (the demander) who, without reasonable cause, makes a demand

    (a) with intent to

    (i) gain a benefit for any person (whether or not the demander); or

    (ii) cause a detriment to any person other than the demander; and

    (b) with a threat to cause a detriment to any person other than the demander;

    commits a crime.

    Maximum penalty

    (a) if carrying out the threat causes, or would be likely to cause, serious personal injury to a person other than the offender life imprisonment; or

    (b) if carrying out the threat causes, or would be likely to cause, substantial economic loss in an industrial or commercial activity conducted by a person or entity other than the offender (whether the activity is conducted by a public authority or as a private enterprise) life imprisonment; or

    (c) otherwise 14 years imprisonment.

    (2) It is immaterial that

    (a) the demand or threat is made in a way ordinarily used to inform the public rather than a particular person; or

    (b) the threat does not specify the detriment to be caused; or

    (c) the threat does not specify the person to whom the detriment is to be caused or specifies this in a general way; or


    a threat to cause a detriment to the public or any members of the public

    (d) the detriment is to be caused by someone other than the demander.

    (3) A reference to making a demand includes causing someone to receive a demand.

    (4) A reference to a threat to cause a detriment to any person other than the demander includes a statement that gives rise to a threat of detriment to the other person.

    (5) A prosecution for an offence in which it is intended to rely on a circumstance of aggravation mentioned in paragraph (a) or (b) of the penalty can not be commenced without the consent of the Attorney-General.

    (6) In this section

    threat includes a statement that may reasonably be interpreted as a threat.

  • Thankyou! Amazing work! Just when I read it, I picked up it says ‘it goes to reason’, should it be ‘stands to reason’, not ‘goes to reason’? Here….

    ……”Given this extended wider meaning (Stemming from French CJ, Gummow J and Kirby J above) it goes to reason that the prohibition on civil conscription extends to the patients as well, adding to the AIH Coercion factor and economic compulsion factor we have the patient compulsion factor to consider in this equation.”

    Anything I could do to help I will. I am moving my family interstate so my son can enrol in childcare and go to kinder. Taking my four children from their home and moving interstate because we’ve been backed into a corner by this legislation. This government is horrifying. Thankyou.

  • Ralph JD says:

    The internationally recognized right of Informed Consent must be given proper consideration in this matter. I’ve written a general brief on the issue here: which covers the Nuremberg Code and civilized nations’ obligations there under.

    The “no jab no pay” policy directly contravenes the UN Convention on Bioethics and Australia’s international obligations. It is an “unconstitutional imposition” — a government may not condition the receipt of a public benefit on the surrender of a human right, in this case, to Informed Consent.

    Let the Australian PM here your voice on this matter here: http://tinyurl.;com/NoForcedVaxAustralis

  • Charity begins at home. No more refugees, no to Halal. Halal is connected to religion. This is being forced up us, no matter what religion we are or are not. We are not given a choice.
    No matter what we want or say, Government will continue to do their own thing and not listen to the people.

    Well said Johnny Juno (article above)

    from an Infidel

  • […] Consequently, the burden was always going to fall on pro-choice campaigners to find a legal antidote to this tyrannical law.  Danny Jovica, from the Australian Paralegal Foundation, has developed an interesting and compelling theory around the constitutional prohibition on civil conscription, as a basis on which to challenge the law in the High Court.  This theory is available to read on the foundation’s website. […]

  • […] Danny Jovica, of the Australian Paralegal Foundation, has developed an interesting and compelling theory around the constitutional prohibition on civil conscription, as a basis on which to challenge the law in the High Court.  This theory is available publicly on the foundation’s website. […]

  • […] Administrative decision makers (when making decisions) often turn to practices within their institutions, guidelines, procedures, manuals, policy documents and directions from ministers that might distract from the relevant provisions, but must not be allowed to do so.[1] Where a decision maker’s power to make a decision depends on the existence of a particular fact (a ‘jurisdictional fact’) and he or she wrongly determines the fact exists, the courts will quash that decision[2]. […]

  • […] No Jab, No Pay Challenge, By Danny Jovica accessed here accessed 28/01/2016 at […]

  • Soraya says:

    According to the Immunise Australia Program, (as at December 2015) there were 30.092 recorded vaccination conscientious objections in Australia and 6.441 in Victoria. These people should continue to have a CHOICE if this country should continue have a ‘Democratic Government’. This is really a matter of protecting the parents right to choose (or not) a medical treatment for their children without being harassed with social benefits denial or punished by having their kids excluded from preschools.

    Hence, those who think it’s “OK” to give the state the right to forced vaccination are basically giving the government the power to choose medical treatments for their children – in their place. One day, they might wake up not being able to choose medical treatments for themselves neither if the “Representatives Of The People” continue to pa$$ those Unlawful and Unconstitutional federal/state laws like “No Jab, No Pay”/”No Jab, No Play”. Eventually, next would be “No Jab, No School”, “No Jab, No Social Security” and “No Jab, No Job”, perhaps? .

    Maybe those of us (who object the vaccine scheme/scam) should start a class action together? Would that qualify? I see no other way since going alone to the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal based on the ‘Victorian Discrimination Law’ or claiming the ‘Equal Opportunity Act’ Protected Attributes (education access) at the Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission would probably bear no fruits – since in Australia, Human Rights are being explicitly ignored for so long (in so many other areas, like the immigration/refugee’s, etc.) that it wouldn’t make any difference but cost us lots of resource$, time and further drain our energies.

    We are being affected financially, socially, emotionally and having our children excluded from the (educational) SYSTEM – THAT WE ALSO PAY FOR with our taxes, like anyone else who consent to vaccines. So, to just complain in forums online won’t change a thing… or to wait for the “politicians” to do it on our behalf is really to be naive.

    What I’m asking here is for SOLUTIONS, maybe a legal solution while we wait for a “High Court Challenge” that might take years to come to an end… Meanwhile, what are we going to do? The state bill “No Jab No Play” affects thousands of citizens in Australia, specially in Victoria, hence, should be subject to a collective action – it seems. Thoughts on a LEGAL SOLUTION (maybe a CLASS ACTION?) would be much appreciated.

    Some inspiring quotes:

    “When we give government the power to make medical decisions for us, we, in essence, accept that the state owns our bodies.” – Ron Paul.

    “If a law is unjust, a man is not only right to disobey it, he is obligated to do so.” – Thomas Jefferson.

    “Just look at us. Everything is backwards; everything is upside down. Doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, universities destroy knowledge, governments destroy freedom, the major media destroy information, and religions destroy spirituality.” – Dr. Michael Ellner.

    “In a time of universal deceit – telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” – George Orwell.

    “A Nation of Sheep will beget a Government of Wolves” – Old saying.

    “It takes a female to have a baby,
    It takes a woman to raise a child,
    It takes a mother to raise them correctly,
    It takes a warrior to show them how to change the world.”- Shannon L. Alder

    “Individual rights are not subject to a public vote; a majority has no right to vote away the rights of a minority; the political function of rights is precisely to protect minorities from oppression by majorities (and the smallest minority on earth is the individual).” – Ayn Rand.

  • Soraya says:

    Vaccines and injections are not the best options for those who know how to keep themselves healthy plus understand of Law, Politic$, Economy and have researched the History of Vaccines. Furthermore, most who ‘Conscientiously Object Vaccination’ acknowledge the damage done by the overload of toxins accumulated in developing bodies in an ever crescent number of doses of this invasive medical “treatment” which triggers (in a short, medium and long term ) crescent adverse reactions that cause damages in disguised of DNA mutation, syndromes of all kind, allergies, immunodeficiency, speech pathology problems, lower IQs, aggressive behavior, autism, ADHD, SIDS and the list goes on…

    Not mentioning what is explicitly expressed in the ‘Appendix 6: Definitions of adverse events following immunisation’ in the Australian Immunization Handbook: Abscess, Acute flaccid paralysis [diagnosis must be made by a physician], Allergic reaction (generalised), Anaphylaxis, Arthralgia, Arthritis, Brachial neuritis, Death, Disseminated BCG, Encephalopathy [diagnosis must be made by a physician], Encephalitis [diagnosis must be made by a physician], Extensive limb swelling, Injection site reaction (severe), Intussusception [diagnosis must be made by a hospital physician], Lymphadenitis (includes suppurative lymphadenitis), Meningitis [diagnosis must be made by a physician], Nodule, Orchitis, Osteitis, Osteomyelitis, Parotitis, Rash, Screaming (persistent), Seizure, Sepsis, Subacute sclerosing panencephalitis [diagnosis must be made by a physician], Syncope, Thrombocytopenia, Toxic shock syndrome [diagnosis must be made by a physician], Vaccine-associated paralytic poliomyelitis, Vasovagal episode (syncope, faint).

    Any wonder why the Vaccine Lobby/Politician$ are “Targeting” the minority of parents (30.092 in Australia as at December2015, Immunise – ACIR – National Vaccine Objection Data) who conscientiously object this poison??? Maybe we KNOW something the rest of the parents who obediently and diligently follow the vaccination program don’t know!!! And, by the way, will never be told about by the powers that be. Well, I never tried to convince anyone to vaccinate or not – UNTIL NOW! And that’s exactly what every person that knows the truth should start to do since “they” are giving us no other option! Good Job “No Jab, No Pay/Play” team!!! Bad strategy though… It’s going to fire back against you 😮 🙂

    Now, before researching and asking for an ‘ Exemption Conscientious Objection Form’ signed by a midwife (when I had my first daughter in the hospital and until her last vaccination when she was 6 months old), all they gave me before “jabbing” my baby was the vaccine pamphlets (full of vaccine propaganda) at the hospital and at the GP’s clinic not even that. Is that “Informed Consent”? Why no one never ever showed me the ‘Australian Immunization Handbook ‘instead of’ Vaccination Propaganda’? Now “they” tell us that our acquired right with this valid exemption to not vaccinate in not recognized by “law” anymore so we can now take our children to a program catch up” in order to access kindergarten and childcare facilities with “informed consent” still? And the Local Council staff tell us that we still have the choice to not vaccinate? Well, yah! Not with a gun on our heads (yet)! Sorry, I must be missing something here… Since when is vaccination compulsory in this country? Besides, there are not even ONE Vaccine Injure Court here (opposed to the USA). Are we in a COMMUNIST STATE already and we haven’t realized? Surely this is NOT the Australia that I want to leave to my children!

    And that’s what the “Immunize Australia Program” offers to “Protect” the Australian Population via a “Whole of Life” Register. The so called “Australian Government” creepily wants to IMPOSE vaccination from the Cradle to the Grave of each Citizen – even AGAINST THEIR WILL. This is clearly happening to the families “jabbing” their children not necessarily because they think they are doing what is best for their health, but because they Need the Benefit$ to Pay the Rent, Eat and also to have their kids not “PROHIBITED BY LAW” to go Kinder and Day Care so they can continue to work and have a roof over their heads. Is that CONSENT to VACCINATION??? Maybe in Hitler’s and Stalin’s dreams 😉

    I have no words to describe how IMMORAL this is. Obviously, this is NOT about Health AT ALL. These “No Jab, No Pay/Play” are so UNREASONABLE, UNJUST, UNETHICAL and TOTALLY WRONG that they scream out loud “This is Not about People’s Health, this is Plain Busine$$”. Here is some of what is planned For Us from the “Factsheet Immunization Registers Expansion” ($File/Factsheet-%20Immunisation-Registers-Expansion-23102015.pdf):

    “From 1 January 2016, the Australian Childhood Immunisation Register (ACIR) will broaden to
    capture immunisation information for young individuals under the age of 20 years, enabling
    implementation of the Australian Government’s No Jab, No Pay measure. The ACIR currently
    records vaccinations given to children aged less than seven years.
     From September 2016, the ACIR will expand further to become the Australian Immunisation Register
    (AIR) to capture all vaccines administered throughout a person’s life (birth to death), given through
    General Practice and community clinics. This will include all vaccines funded under the National
    Immunisation Program, as well as private vaccines given through general practice.
     This whole of life register will be ready to support the zoster virus vaccine being available on the
    National Immunisation Program (NIP) for 70 year olds (including a catch up programme for 71-79
    year olds), which is planned for November 2016. Other vaccines funded for adults under the NIP,
    which include seasonal influenza vaccine and pneumococcal vaccine, will also be captured by the
     From the 2017 school year, the HPV Register will be expanded to become the Australian School
    Vaccination Register (ASVR), which will capture all adolescent vaccinations given through school
    programmes. Vaccines to be recorded include varicella (chickenpox), the diphtheria, tetanus and
    pertussis (whooping cough) booster, and the HPV vaccine. This will provide tools such as recall and
    reminder systems to improve adolescent vaccination rates.”


    After calling the legal “aid” available and sending my ‘Conscientious Objector’ MUM’s Letter to almost every local/state/federal politician I know and even to the Local Newspaper – to no avail – here is my say on the “No Jab, No Pay/Play” shame:

    “I read the paper (attached) setting out the policy position of Liberty Victoria on the “No Jab, No Play” provisions in Victoria. I’m grateful that this institution is standing up for the children’s right to education in Victoria. However, I must say that not giving up my parent’s right to not vaccinate is not being “unethical”. Vaccination is only one of the medical treatments available (however, it is the governments’ favorite world wide, no doubt about that… maybe because it has the large$t lobbying? Just a guess). There are much better non invasive medical and non medical treatments that far exceed the benefits of vaccinations without adverse reactions of all sorts.

    What is most disturbing: How can the “Government” cut benefits and block children’s access to preschool since in Australia vaccination is Not Compulsory and there are No Vaccine Injury Courts? How on Earth could the federal and state “Representatives Of The People” pa$$ Unconstitutional Bills like No Jab, No Pay/Play then? Finally, how can the Latrobe City Council close it’s eyes to this injustice and ‘enforce’ these Bad (to say the least) Policies at all? Those are the questions that must be answered and addressed to the Citizens by the politicians in general but specially by the ‘Local Governments’, so called Local Councils or “service providers”.

    For a better comprehension on this matter, attached is the Australian Vaccination-skeptics Network Inc. submission to the Scrutiny of Acts and Regulations Committee Parliament of Victoria referent to the Public Health and Wellbeing Amendment (No Jab, No Play) Bill 2015.

    I’m Ethically choosing what is best for myself and for my family’s health – and that’s my Untransferable Responsibility and Ownership. “Unethical” is to let the so called “Australian Government” decide what is best for each one of us – In Our Place. “Unethical” is to blackmail and exclude (discriminate) healthy, clever children of healthy, wise, loving and decent families from the education and social system. This is not only a matter of Human Rights, but a matter of Democracy. No Democratic Government have the right to decide for it’s citizens – that’s why we have a Constitution and it’s Referendum, after all: “When we give government the power to make medical decisions for us, we, in essence, accept that the state owns our bodies.” – Ron Paul. I will never give up my Rights as a Parent to decide on my daughter’s options to medical or non medical treatments and to education and social access. For me this is Truly about Health and Not about Profit. Nevertheless, unfortunately, I can’t expect the same from the “authorities” behind these Unlawful Laws.”

    Now, after ‘speaking up’ and openly opposing this tyranny (basically as a self help emotional release since I knew it wouldn’t change anything), I’d kindly suggest to the parents suffering this injustice: do something about it yourself – now! And together with others that are going through the same ordeal, since WE are the ones “interested” in fighting this fight – not others that may “sympathize” but are not being directly affected (yet!) by this Unlawful and Unconstitutional Laws. Therefore, not willing to make the efforts necessary to win this cause…

    I gave up trying to “spread the word” expecting that people would suddenly wake up from their ‘mass vaccination propaganda hypnotic state’ and realize the real threat not only tho their health but to democracy in Australia that these kind of BAD (to say the least) legislation imposes – and how it is EASILY PA$$ED by the “Representative$ of the People (?)” nowadays… Which means it’s going to happen again to further limit the Citizen’s “Rights” – parent or non parent, consenting or not consenting, young or old… as the “WHOLE OF LIFE” vaccination program was already advertised in this very same local newspaper that accepts weekly ad$ from the Local Council but not a single letter from a distressed MUM that had her child “prohibited” to go to preschool by this private “$ervice provider” with local direct political and legal powers over our lives as “Local Government”…

    Finally, I find strange that some parents who object vaccination prefer to remain “anonymous”… Hey, if you don’t stand up for your rights, who will? We’re Lawfully and Ethically acting on our own behalf and children’s and no one can take this responsibility and ownership from us. Nevertheless, those who HIDE behind these unlawful laws, engaging in criminal activities against their fellow citizens only to ‘enforce’ “laws” that should be Morally and Legally REJECTED – these “public” servant$ should be ASHAMED and run from publicity – not ourselves! Moreover, they should be prosecuted by the real politicians, judges, lawyers and citizens that knows and understand what’s really going on “down under”.

    This way, only by standing up for Our Rights TOGETHER can we overcome laws that were made to limit our rights to our own bodies by “Dividing and Conquering” the Parents while taking away our options to medical (or non medical) treatments.

    My question to the PARA LEGAL team (and any serious/honest lawyer, judge or legal expert) then: would a CLASS ACTION by the parents affected by the “No Jab, No Pay/Play” Bill be the best possible SOLUTION?

    Here, an interesting though for those parents who may feel unempowered by this grand scheme:

    “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has. – Margaret Mead.

    • Danny Jovica says:

      Thank you Soraya.

      The answer to this question :

      “My question to the PARA LEGAL team (and any serious/honest lawyer, judge or legal expert) then: would a CLASS ACTION by the parents affected by the “No Jab, No Pay/Play” Bill be the best possible SOLUTION?

      is in my opinion after studying in considerable depth both the Constitutional Law and Administrative Law aspects of it a Class Action is not going to work.

      What is needed is the opposite a Mass Action which is a calculated and coordinated Mass attack.using Admin Law … Using people power to overwhelm them. At little cost to any individual but at massive expense to the Government to the point the legislation is “void in futuro” due to it being utterly unenforceable.

      • Soraya says:

        Thank you for your reply Danny. Would you please answer the following:

        1) Why would a Class Action not going to work?

        2) At least the areas of ‘Discrimination’ and ‘Human Rights’ would be covered with a potential for Australian claimants to bring proceedings in Foreign Jurisdiction instead of being tied to the “Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal” which may be compromised(?) to impartially judge claims against the state legislation “No Jab No Play”, don’t you think? It’d be like playing according to their ‘unfair rules’ and with a good chance of failing if via Administrative Laws we were to only examine the “decision making process of the executive” (reinforcing their power to limit our Rights).

        3) We’re going to the High Court to challenge the Draconian federal legislation “No Jab No Pay” from which the Victorian State Legislation “No Jab No Play” is based on. This way, by using Administrative Law we’re “assuming” that this very legislation is “constitutionally valid” – is there a contradiction here? And if they are successful don’t you think that this legislation instead of being “void in futuro” would be even more enforceable once “assumed” constitutional – which obviously it is not…

        4) Wouldn’t that be equivalent to TACITLY give up our uppermost Constitutional Guarantees of Political, Medical an Religious Freedom plus the Constitutional Prohibition to Civil Conscription in order to receive welfare or childcare benefits? Not mentioning the breach of International Human Rights Laws to which Australia is signatory: the Universal Declaration of Bioethics and Human Rights states that any preventive diagnosis and/or therapeutic medical intervention is only to be carried out with prior Free and Informed Consent of the person concerned based on Adequate Information – which was and is never the case here in Australia.

        The imposition of the “No Jab, No Pay/Play” also breaches ‘ Human Decency’ and ‘Australian Consent Laws’. From this point on, I have little expectations of “decency” from the Australian Government and it’s Judicial Systems concerning “fair process and judgement” since this kind of ABSURD LAWS are clearly only the start of a Pharmaceutical Vaccination Driven Medical Monopoly Legal State as we see in the USA – at least there, those poor parents of those vaccine assassinated or injured children had at least a chance to fight in Vaccination Injury Courts.

        5) But in Australian, these children are not even given the adequate diagnostic of the real cause of their death or injury (with some parents even being accused of their babies death by the same doctors who vaccinated them in SIDS cases, for instance). There is not even ONE Vaccination Injury Court in Australia. Are the “Andrew Government” politicians in power in Victoria ready to be personally legally and financially responsible if any of these Conscientious Objectors children are injured or killed because their parents have been forced to vaccinate under duress ? Specially when there’s no vaccine injury compensation scheme in this country?

        This is NOT ACCEPTABLE! And JUSTICE must be MADE against these politician$ and public servant$ who engage in criminal activities behind Unlawful Laws in Australia – if we are not to became a COMMUNIST FACIST PLUOTOCRACY . Hence, there’s little room for justice to be made under their own political lobbying dutifully managed by government departments, I guess.

        6) Finally, are you aware that in 1979 the Victorian Parliament altered it’s constitution to include Section 74A which inserts Local Government UNLAWFULLY since it should only be done by the People of Australia by means of the Section 128 (Referendum) of the Commonwealth Constitution? This way, would you still think that an Administrative Challenge would be preferable than a Class Action?

  • Soraya says:

    I just signed this Petition at which already has 2.256 supporters and it only needs more 244! All of you who are PRO CHOICE, support this cause and share it please. Thank you so much:

    “Petitioning Premier of Victorian State Government
    Remove NO JAB NO PLAY Victorian Legislation or
    Restore Conscientious Objection Option
    To Comply With Our Human Rights

    By simon shields Newington, Australia

  • Unfortunately from my own legal research, the legal definition of ‘civil conscription’ refers to forcing the public to work. It doesn’t cover forcing them to get medical treatment but vaccines are in fact a ‘medical treatment’ and the code of ethics allows us to make an ‘informed decision’. My informed decision is to never blindly trust the medical industry and always to ask questions. If they can’t answer those questions, then I am legally entitled to refuse. The catch is that the benefits provided by government are exactly that, benefits, meaning it’s a privilege, not a right.

  • Taryn Dudley says:

    How is it possible to state this information given section 121?
    I am going through a similar situation but have been severely reprimanded about sharing information.

  • Robbie B says:

    I always find the so called debunking of sovereign law by someone who has a conflict of interest in debunking it, quite laughable. I personally know both civil and criminal lawyers and a couple of QCs. In a sober meeting they take the same attitude but after a few imbibements they tell me “you are right but if we were to take that approach we would never work again”. The sad truth is that we can all pick on low hanging fruit when trying to make a point however the primary question asked by the single poster was in two parts. The second part is easy as it is called ‘Dog Latin’ and establishes a ‘juridical person’ or ‘artificial person’ which if you identify yourself as that ‘person’ you accept liability for all transactions of your artificial person or strawman and all the other terms used. I am in the process of writing a common law book regarding the treason perpetrated by the Law Society against the sovereignty of the Commonwealth of Australia and the vassal servitude the Australian government has locked us all into with the UN. Look up or Google Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030 and from a historical perspective to see one of the ‘behind door’ deals that both parties have signed Australia up to look up ‘The Lima Agreement’ in 1975 the Trade Minister Willesee agreed to shift 20% of all Australian manufacturing to the developing world and currently today it is 90%. Is it only coincidental that practically all Australian PMs are lawyers?

  • Robbie B says:

    The most comprehensive and expansive treatise on the ALL CAPS use is to be found here and quite informative on the styles and writing side of the argument.

  • Something needs to be done. As a sole parent with four children, two are adults who both had reactions. I chose to not vaccinate my younger two because of this, and because I too had reactions. When the No jab policies came in I was six months out of finishing my Bachelor of Justice. The ONLY option I had was to move away from Australia so that I could continue to have my right to work. As a sole parent, my family support is little and I would rely on child care to be able to work. So my rights to employment have been taken away from me.

    I am now estranged from my family and feel I have no other option but to stay away if I am going to give my younger children a chance to live outside of poverty. HOw is a this ok? Where are the basic human rights? Rights to employment, the right to make parental choices? To state they are not forcing us to vaccinate our children is a lie, it is about choosing between having work or not having work, having support or not having support if we do not “comply” to the vaccine schedule.

    I know I want to one day be compensated for the loss of income in Australia, the loss of a home, loss of my property as i had to get rid of it all to afford to move to New Zealand where my degree is not really recognised as well. My loss of family and ability to even meet my only grandchild.

    Much suffering has come to our family because of this legislation. I am merely one person who has had a legally binding document signed (conscientious objection) which has meant nothing now because of the dictatorship of the Australian government. There is no democracy. These no jab policies need to be thrown out the door, an investigation into the media (mainly Murdoch) needs to be done also as the bias has contributed to much discrimination within Australia. Where do we start and when? I have no money but I would research and learn and stand alone if I had to to change this.

  • i am interested in the coordinated approach using the admin law …..what is a basic description of how it can be done ….thx

  • […] The Freeman Delusion – Free E-Book by Robert Sudy […]

  • Li Hu says:

    Lawyers are puppets for the BAR just as doctors are puppets for BIG Pharma – two different arms of the same beast. Don’t expect truth or justice to come from a lawyer’s mouth – they are already in bed with the enemy. They are either aware of the fraud & yet still choose to play with the devil – or still asleep to this & are just a pawn in the game. The Commonwealth of Australia is an LLC registered in USA which can be clearly seen at

  • Hi there Rob,
    Firstly, well done for taking the time to expose these poor deluded people with facts. Much appreciated & keep going!
    I just stumbled across your e-book as I have also been putting together some information exposing the “leaders” of this cult. I am really sick of their lies and how they lead well-meaning people to pain and suffering.
    I may have missed it, but do you have an email where I could send you some information on some of the stooges you have mentioned and some other dangerous pricks that you have not mentioned who people should be aware of? I think you would find this information useful to expand on your e-book.
    Kind regards, DA.

    • Robert Sudy says:

      Hi DA, cheers for your compliments. Yes, always interested in more information, I’m currently putting together a second book called “The Aussie Sovereign Files”, which details more of the individuals and groups involved than in Section Three of Freeman Delusion.

      My email is

  • […] PARALEGAL FOUNDATION – The Freeman Delusion – Free E-Book by Robert Sudy “This E-Book is the most comprehensive guide to the delusion that some people call […]

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