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If you have a Criminal case in a lower Court as low down as the Magistrates Court (VCAT,NCAT, QCAT etc do not apply) AND you raise a Constitutional Matter AND the AG’s either fail to reply or reply in the negative for intervention (thinking your case is too trivial or lacks merit) THEN not only can the Magistrates Court decide the matter but the Prosecution CAN NOT APPEAL it unless granted Special Leave by the High Court.

This legislation introduces a number of changes to the regulation of building work in Victoria and aims to enhance consumer protection for domestic building work. Some of these changes will come into effect on 4 July.

Four years later the same parties are back before the same Court on the very same issue now in Bobolas v Waverley Council [2016] NSWCA 139 Court of Appeal of New South Wales.

TweetA guide for design professionals, building surveyors and insurers The Building Legislation Amendment (Consumer Protection) Act 2015 (Vic) (Act) received Royal Assent on 19 April 2016. The Act amends the Building Act 1993 (Building Act), the Domestic Building Contracts Act 1995 (Vic) (DBCA) and the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal Act 1998 (Vic) (VCAT Act) with effect from 1 July 2017. Key amendments implemented by […]

While the objects of the NALL are supported its methodology is indiscriminate, inefficient and unfair and in light of all the matters raised above, there is a clear need for it to be reviewed and reformed.

To that end, the NSW Government has determined that the best way to remove the health risks of this insulation is through the ‘demolition, comprehensive site remediation and disposal’ of affected properties.

Fair enough I suppose, but is it signalling a kiss good bye to the McKenzie Friend? They are related in that the McKenzie friend is the big brother of little amicus curiae in that little amicus would normally only put in a written submission for the Court to consider where as McKenzie friend gets to speak before the Court.

The law he quotes and cites throughout the Video sounds impressive to a layperson. However anyone who has studied Constitutional Law and Administrative Law is laying on the floor pissing themselves laughing at this fool.

The Key for a public Interest proceeding seems to be that there is a genuine cause of action, which is legally arguable without personal interests at stake or expectation of gain and of high public importance

Whether an administrative decision was ‘biased’ because a person who participated in the making process had been the informant in a related prosecution.

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