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Finally, while the motor vehicle registry may cancel your registration for non-payment of fines, this cancellation does not impact on the ownership of the vehicle in any way, as it would if this premise had any merit.

“Defendant contends that the Indictment must be dismissed because ‘KURT WASHINGTON,’ spelled out in capital letters, is a fictitious name used by the Government to tax him improperly as a business, and that the correct spelling and presentation of his name is ‘Kurt Washington.’ This contention is baseless…” ~ United States v. Washington

The First Defendant JOHN DAVID MCCLYMONT , the person is not me, my name is John David McClymont , I am a living breathing being, a sovereign Australian.

Wayne Glew (The appellant) has invoked the court’s process and procedures for an illegitimate or collateral purpose, namely, as a platform for advancing his nonsensical theories.

Shaw then tries to argue Whether leave should be granted to commence proceeding (being a declared vexatious litigant he requires leave (permission) from the Court. In this case he would need to satisfy the Court that proceeding would not be an abuse of process.

Brigalow Corporation conspiracy theory debunked.

Nevertheless, as George Winterton has suggested, the Preamble ‘will inevitably be employed in constitutional interpretation’, although its persuasiveness will continue to be a matter of debate. According to Gregory Craven, the ordinary rules of statutory construction and analogous principles of constitutional interpretation suggest that the Preamble can be determinative of a legal question only where it assists in resolving existing ambiguity in the substantive provisions of the Constitution. Craven is clearly correct. The Preamble should not be ascribed the same legal effect as an operative provision.

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