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The outcome of this case has highlighted that organisations such as Standard & Poor’s require transparency and accountability in the formulation of the credit ratings that they assign to financial products

TweetThe Mineral and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2016 (Bill) was introduced into Queensland State Parliament on 23 February 2016. Amongst other matters, the Bill gives effect to the Queensland Government’s election promise to reinstate various public notification requirements and community objection rights to proposed mining projects. In 2015, the former LNP Government passed the Mineral […]

Well the Queensland Court of Appeals says the Employer is to blame (as well as the guy wielding the knife). Essentially the Employer should have known better than to allow employee’s to carry/use knives even if it was just to peel and orange.

Does that really mean what it implies? The Government have legislated in the “good doctors” and are paying them 24.6 Million in “incentives” and funding that advertising campaign above?

Kalabakas failed to disclose four relevant matters to Chubb insurance, this was deemed fraudulent and Chubb was entitled to avoid renewed policy pursuant to s28(2) or to reduce its liability to nil pursuant to s28(3).

I followed your advice and asked them to submit a brief of photographic evidence of the alleged offence, (subject to paying the fine). I think they threw the towel in coz the officer was unable to provide any actual evidence

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