Labor Hire Employees are liable for their own injuries if they perform work outside their contract.

Monday , 7, March 2016 Leave a comment

CASE : South Sydney Junior Rugby League Club Ltd v Gazis [2016] NSWCA 8


The case of a armed security guard hired by a Junior Rugby league club who was helping out around the place with other duties not known to management such as moving trolleys used to transport poker machine takings which resulted in an injury when he lost grip of the handle of the trolley and fell backwards resulting in spinal injuries.

The Court held neither the Club (as the Club’s management was not aware he was helping) nor the employer (as they also were not aware) are liable for the injuries sustained.

Moral of the story is if you are a labor hire worker, stick strictly to the job you have been assigned or if asked by a fellow employee to help with something, first get them to seek management’s approval.

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