No Jab, No Pay but only a “Good Doctor” can certify?

Thursday , 17, December 2015 Leave a comment

In reading the explanatory memorandum of the new Social Services Legislation Amendment (No Jab, No Pay) Bill 2015  you find this obscure change.

“The current definition of medical practitioner in subsection 3(1) of the Family Assistance Act would include a broader range of medical professionals than the definition of general practitioner in the Health Insurance Act 1973″

What?  A “Medical Practitioner” is no longer good enough to certify if your child is exempt from having to have vaccines for medical reasons?  Huh?

Looking at the original definition of “medical practitioner” in the Family Assistance Act it states :

“medical practitioner ” means a person registered or licensed as a medical practitioner under a State or Territory law that provides for the registration or licensing of medical practitioners.

Yet the Government now no longer accepts this “kind” of doctor but only one as defined in the Health Insurance Act of 1973?

Looking at that Act there is no real clear definition of a “general practitioner” but there is reference to

Recognised Fellows of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners”

So it seems you need to be recognized by this “Royal” Australian College of General Practitioners now to be able to get a medical certificate of exemption.

So who are these “super doctors” ?  Well they have launched a huge advertising campaign now to coincide with the launch of the no jab, no pay policy.

So it seems they are the “Good Doctors” ?   Wow does that imply that Australia is riddled with “Bad Doctors” ?

So much so that in order to ensure we get “good” medical advice when it comes to vaccines that we need to LEGISLATE that only the “good” doctors will do?

Then in the Federal Budget paper on this issue the government state :

There is also $26.4 million over four years to improve immunisation coverage rates, particularly in children and adolescents.[19] The Government intends to:

  • make an incentive payment to doctors and other immunisation providers when they identify a child who is overdue for vaccination and call them in for a catch up

  • fund an awareness campaign to promote the NIP and address parents’ concerns regarding immunisation

 Does that really mean what it implies?  The Government have legislated in the “good doctors” and are paying them 24.6 Million in “incentives” and funding that advertising campaign above?

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