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"Having now reviewed my diary, I note that I was involved in 14 meetings with Ms Nixon

regarding Purana Task Force matters and I believe that I did,

in fact..inform her of Ms Gobbo's registration as a Human Source know  as 3838 in 2005," he said.

Meanwhile Ms Nixon (former police chief) claimed in her own evidence that the first she knew of Ms Gobbo was when she was publicly identified when the news broke! The Current Police chief makes conflicting statements that Ms Nixon knew of Ms Gobbo's registration
as a human source soon after he learned of it himself.


It's not clear if Ms Nixon will be recalled to respond to the claims, however Overland denied any "self-serving secrecy" stating that :

"Any suggestion that my conduct at Victoria Police ... was corrupt, perverted the course of justice,
was dishonest or facilitated any dishonesty in the court system,
or sought to cover up the use of Ms Gobbo is completely denied by me
and does not accord with my conduct as reflected in my contemporaneous diary notes,".

With such an emphatic statement by Victoria Police Chief are you as convinced now as when he was that the diaries didn't exist?


This article was inspired by the one posted in AAP titled "Nixon knew of Lawyer X in 2005: Overland" by 
Karen Sweeney published on the 21.01.2020.


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