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VIA Shannyn Biggs I am by no means a legal advisor. I’ve never done any legal studies, however, I’ve…
by Australian Paralegal Foundation
Brad Hill, my orders state that the child is to be picked up at 12 noon Sunday by the OP and I am to…
by Strongmumma
Hi Purple Star, A possible reason the Father may not have agreed to hyphenate the last name, can of…
by Myra Moody
Hi again LLL,  If it were me and I was needing a family lawyer down your neck of the woods, there i…
by Brad Hill
Hi Sara, An option is to request in a non confrontational way to your ex- in writing your desire to…
by Myra Moody
In these circumstances it is a difficult question to answer. In principal if there are no Family Co…
by Danny Jovica
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