Online Mediation in High Confict Cases

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Online Mediation in High Confict Cases

Online Mediation in High Conflict cases.

A presentation by Danny Jovica (NMAS Accredited National Mediator) and Alina Kleinman (Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner) on Online Mediation in High Conflict cases. 

This presentation will include a mock mediation role play to demonstrate the features of Online Mediation and how it could work for you.

Most often in high conflict cases in Family Law, cases often deemed unsuitable for mediation by Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners who issue 60i Certificates, this determination of suitability for mediation is made on a variety of factors but utmost in those is providing a safe space for mediation and often when one party expresses concerns for safety and FVO's that are issued, it sometimes makes mediation unpractical in a direct face-to-face situation in the same room or even the same building.  

Can you still mediate privately?  Yes you can... register your interest for this event to find out how.

This event is open as an expression of interest.   

The event will take place on a date in the future when there are sufficient numbers who express interest, the event will take place over 4 hours and the cost of the event will be $50.00 per person.  

Please leave comment below if you are interested to attend.


Hi Danny.

Is this available online if I can’t make it that time as I’m in Perth, WA and am at work still. 


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  • Strongmumma the good news is just about everything on FLAST is online.

    From this event, to webinars and workshops they can all be conducted online.  

    With our online facilities it will be up to you if you choose to turn your camera and/or voice on or just listen anonymously.  There are Chat facilities too so if you want to keep your identity secret you can use that and participate under an Anon Profile.

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