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Request the excess fees be removed and be left wit the fines, if any of the fines can be contested, do so, plead special circumstances with the Court to get the amounts left reduced now.

In fact to submit it into evidence in Court they need your permission, the Road Safety Act 1986 (Vic) Section 90 on the issue of admissibility of driving history states any such document may not be tendered in evidence “without the consent of the accused” if the accused is present at the hearing of the information.

You do have the right to ask questions also, just as the officer may have the right to ask for your name and address.

Tweet I am a pensioner, and I live some 3 ½ hours drive away in ________, Victoria, 3___, my health has not been the best in recent times, but in particularly I have a problem with my foot which is very swollen and painful to the point I can barely move around the house let […]

TweetWednesday, 4 November 2015 City of ____________ ___________________ __________, Vic, 3_____.   Attn : ________________ Program Manager, Permits and Review. On-Street Compliance Services.   Service Request : _____________ Your Ref : _______. My Ref : _____________.   Infringement Notice : __________ Vehicle Registration : ______   “WITHOUT PREJUDICE” MOTION FOR RECONSIDERATION Dear _______________, Thank you for your prompt […]

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