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TweetAfter being quick to condemn police this week in the wake of a scathing report into the tasering of a driver in Fremantle, Western Australia’s Attorney-General has given an assurance the McGowan Government will pay two other taser victims more than $1 million in compensation. The assurance from John Quigley comes despite his Government’s continuing […]

Despite relatively minor underpayments of approximately $18,000 among other breaches, the companies were ordered to pay $160,000 in penalties. Significantly, the sole director was also ordered to personally pay a $35,000 penalty.

In this case MacDougal v Mitchell [2015] NSWCA 389 after all the pain and suffering and having to go to Court to recover the costs of the damage done to him, the Court awarded Mr MacDougal $10,000 in aggravated damages and $20,000 in Exemplary damages.

The Court was considered that Alameddine’s mother at the time of paying there was no clear warning prior of the dangers, a reasonable person in the position would not have been aware of the risks of quad biking going by their website advertising.

The Court held the car park was not a public road, as under the common law, the land had to be a road before the council acquired it, in this case it was private land and since the acquisition the car park could only become a public road under statute. Which did not occur.

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