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“The case was dismissed by High Court judge Justice Gavin Lightman, who noted that not only did he have no say over the case, but even if he did rule in favour of Mr Fitzgibbon the Australian Government, independent since 1901, could ignore him completely.

“It is for the Australian courts to apply Australian law to determine the capacity in which Her Majesty the Queen is acting, the appropriate seal and the consequences, if any, if the wrong seal is used,” he ruled.

This organised pseudolegal commercial argument claims that our original government was hijacked, and the entity is now just a “corporation” “posing as a government” and hold as evidence of this fallacy, our registration details in the United States Security Exchange Commision.

TweetA further evolution of the freeman/sovereign movement, is a group known as Lose the Name. This group asserts that since there exists a Crown copyright on the layout of birth certificates and other official documentation, that this copyright also applies to the use of a persons name. For these reasons they are instructed to refuse […]

The Cestui Que Vie Act 1666 is totally misconceived by those within the freeman/sovereignty movement to imply that state ownership of their body applies via the birth registration process, and unless this presumption is lawfully refuted before the time period of seven years elapses after registration, they become the property of the state, having been declared legally dead, or “lost at sea”.

“Defendant contends that the Indictment must be dismissed because ‘KURT WASHINGTON,’ spelled out in capital letters, is a fictitious name used by the Government to tax him improperly as a business, and that the correct spelling and presentation of his name is ‘Kurt Washington.’ This contention is baseless…” ~ United States v. Washington

The First Defendant JOHN DAVID MCCLYMONT , the person is not me, my name is John David McClymont , I am a living breathing being, a sovereign Australian.

Wayne Glew (The appellant) has invoked the court’s process and procedures for an illegitimate or collateral purpose, namely, as a platform for advancing his nonsensical theories.

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