The Freeman Delusion – Free E-Book by Robert Sudy

Wednesday , 2, August 2017 3 Comments

The Freeman Delusion – The Organised Pseudolegal Commercial Argument in Australia

By : Robert Sudy



This E-Book is the most comprehensive guide to the delusion that some people call “Freeman” or “Sovereign” or the countless other names that the Courts have characterized as Pseudo Legal (stuff that sounds like it is legal talk but more accurately described as gibberish) that collectively have been labelled OPCA Litigants.

This book will help you understand the myths and break it down in simple English why these groups exist and how they are misleading people into harm.
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The Freeman Delusion OPCA in Australia

3 thoughts on “ : The Freeman Delusion – Free E-Book by Robert Sudy”
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  • Hi there Rob,
    Firstly, well done for taking the time to expose these poor deluded people with facts. Much appreciated & keep going!
    I just stumbled across your e-book as I have also been putting together some information exposing the “leaders” of this cult. I am really sick of their lies and how they lead well-meaning people to pain and suffering.
    I may have missed it, but do you have an email where I could send you some information on some of the stooges you have mentioned and some other dangerous pricks that you have not mentioned who people should be aware of? I think you would find this information useful to expand on your e-book.
    Kind regards, DA.

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