What to do in a Family Law matter if you can’t afford a Lawyer and don’t qualify for legal Aid?

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When a relationship breaks down and there are children and property involved the complex web known as family law for the parent who doesn’t have the money to hire a lawyer and doesn’t qualify for legal aid can be a heart breaking and soul destroying process where people lose faith in the entire system of justice when the only reason they are experiencing injustice is money.

The first place to start to look at for help is the Family Court Web Site which is an excellent resource for self represented litigants.

Family Law Court Menu

Family Law Court Menu

As you can see above the Family Law Court  provides a step by step menu covering all aspects of Family law for self represented litigants to read and learn.

If you are at the stage of separation and need to know about the process of divorce the Federal Circuit Court has step-by-step guides to the process of divorce here.

Once you have read through the above the Family Law Court has an online application for divorce  which you can register your details and initiate the Divorce process yourself with guided by the Family Law Court.

The Federal Circuit Court has step-by-step guides and forms for applying for parenting orders  and for property orders.

The FCC also has information to help you with how to deal with breaches of court orders by a party.

There are videos available for children to watch to help them understand what’s going on between mum and dad.

When it comes to the various Court Forms there is a comprehensive list of forms available to the public for you to browse to see if there are relevant forms that apply to you.

There is further information for various groups.

Each menu opens up new sections with further details and information in the

category you select.

Once you have read all of the above and have a fundamental understanding of family law processes you can delve deeper.

Here is the Law Society’s “Practitioner’s Guide to Family Law” so you can delve into how a lawyer goes about helping a client with family law matters and deciphers the Family Law Act sections providing guidance to lawyers how to help their clients.

You can then sign up for online law resources that have free trials (use this time wisely to screen cap and save all the relevant information).

The CCH online resource and the Family Law Handbook are the two top online resources for lawyers, which go through all of the above plus cite precedents and provide templates and examples to work off.

Aside from that you may consider jumping onto Gumtree or Ebay or other online resources that deal with second hand books and doing a search for Family Law, you can pick up some great buys of current edition law books being sold by students who have completed the subject.  These books will teach you what law students learn about Family law.

So once you have read all of that, you might not yet have the experience of a lawyer to self represent yourself but at least you are armed with all the information and knowledge about the subject of Family Law, you will be aware of all the pitfalls and be able to use the sword and shield of the law with the new found knowledge you have.

If you do have a lawyer by going through the above it will help your communication with your lawyer and assist you in reducing costs, the more work you put in the less work the lawyer needs to.


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