A fool and his car are soon parted.

Wednesday , 27, January 2016 Leave a comment

Only these “freeman/sovereign” fools can video themselves as getting their car towed and somehow twist this into a positive.

The law he quotes and cites throughout the Video sounds impressive to a layperson.

However anyone who has studied Contract Law is Laughing now.

anyone who has studied Contract Law and Commercial Law is Laughing Out Loud.

and any one who has also Studied Constitution Law is rolling on the floor laughing their asses off

and anyone who has Also studied Administrative Law is in Hysterics.

Yet this guy just keeps the spin coming…. so others will fall into the same harm that he has caused to himself,  he likes others to follow his methods of repeated failure that he somehow twists into sounding like a success.


Post from Glenn Bowley

December 28, 2015 at 6:36pm
Call for a public moratorium on all foreclosures.
No money has been loaned since 1933, and no credit but the Borrower’s own credit has been loaned, either. Every single mortgage contract in America is void for fraud without exception. …

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