Australian Government moves to compulsorily put your Health Records Online!

Tuesday , 29, December 2015 Leave a comment

For a while now the Australian Government has has a “opt-in” online option where you can have a  “personally controlled electronic health record” (“PCEHR”) system.


The Australian government has now passed new legislation that will allow for an opt-out trial of a new national eHealth record system, which will replace the PCEHR system with the new “My Health Record” system.

This is an electronic summary of an individual’s health records, and the system allows for individuals and healthcare providers to access their key health information online.

In the old PCEHR system you would need to proactively register before your medical records will be uploaded to the system, now under the My Health Record system, health authorities will be allowed to automatically set up online accounts by uploading names, addresses and health identification numbers from the Medicare database.

This has obviously raised concerns over privacy issues with trials to start in 2016 covering approximately 1 million people, with the view after the trial period to implement this Australia-wide and a digital health record will be created by default for every Australian.

Aside from implementing this national online data-base of your existing health records the new laws also expand the mandatory reporting regimes fro contracted service operators.


More information on the trial can be found here.

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