Court Rules Chrisco’s Christmas Hamper lay-by agreements are unfair.

Wednesday , 18, November 2015 Leave a comment

Chrisco’s lay-by agreements are unfair.

Case : ACCC v Chrisco Hampers Australia Limited [2015] FCA 1204.

Issue : That Chrisco’s lay-by contracts for its Christmas hampers contained terms that contravened the provisions of the Australian Consumer Law (ACL).



Chrisco Hampers Australia Limited (Chrisco) breached the provisions of the ACL in the following ways:

The Headstart term in Chrisco’s lay-by contracts was an unfair contract term.

Chrisco made misleading and false representations to its customers about their ability to cancel their lay-by contracts before the goods were delivered to them.

It is against the law to tell your customers that they cannot cancel a lay-by contract at any time before the goods are delivered to them.


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