Do you have an Opinion on Migrant Intake into Australia? Here is your chance to be heard..

Wednesday , 16, December 2015 22 Comments

Do you have an Opinion on Migrant Intake into Australia? Here is your chance to be heard.

The Australian Government is inviting Submissions to be received for the Public Inquiry in Migrant Intake into Australia.

Public hearings provide participants with the opportunity to elaborate on their submissions, respond to submissions of others, and to discuss issues with Commissioners.

The transcripts of the hearings will be made available publicly on the Commission’s website. Any organisation or person can participate, either to appear and discuss their submissions or to observe the proceedings.

How to make a submission

The Commission invites interested people and organisations to make a written submission.

Each submission, except for any information supplied in confidence (see below), will be published on the Commission’s website shortly after receipt, and will remain there indefinitely as a public document. The Commission reserves the right to not publish material on its website that is offensive, potentially defamatory, or clearly out of scope for the inquiry or study in question.

When providing a submission to the Commission, you may wish to remain anonymous or use a pseudonym. Please note that, if you choose to remain anonymous or use a pseudonym, the Commission may place less weight on your submission.

Copyright in submissions sent to the Commission resides with the author(s), not with the Commission. Submitters should ensure that they hold copyright in any submitted documents, or that the copyright holder has authorised the publication of any relevant documents on the Commission’s website.

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22 thoughts on “ : Do you have an Opinion on Migrant Intake into Australia? Here is your chance to be heard..”
  • David Sharp says:

    I don’t think islam and western religious values mix.i think for one if this is not evident to who ever is taking in Muslims really needs to pull there head out of the sand .

    • I am an Indian and till the end of the 16th century, 80million non muslims in india had been murdered. Since the inception of mohammeds islam in 7th ad. The mideast has been immersed in a bloodbath. After 1400years our politicians are still holding out the olive branch ad the muslims are taking tha branch and whipping us with it. The fault isnt themuslims for coming here to country and then creating thesame hostile conditions as they have back in their dustbowls….the fault is our politys that allows them in.

  • Susan Taylor says:

    I am VERY concerned about all the refugees being allowed into Australia. They do not assimilate into our life style and are intent on changing how we live. Halal is not acceptable as we are forced to pay extra for food that had been offered to a false god. No one seems to be honest enough to state where the money goes, I strongly believe we are supporting terrorism by purchasing food stuffs. This doesn’t take into account the growing terror attacks that are increasing on a daily basis or the extra cost, money that has to be used to pay police and authorities for extra protection. Costs that never had to be paid prior to Muslim refugees entering our country. There seems to be no sure way to process these people so that the terrorist don’t slip through the cracks. I ask for the govt to put the safety of our country, the safety of our lifestyle, and mostly the safety of our people before any refugee. Halal, Sharia law, child brides (and the subsequent rape of these children) have NO place in Australia.

  • Brien Doyle says:

    We have seen the future by using our hindsight gained from Europe.
    It is apparent that it is irresponsible to continue bringing in migrants from the Middle East as they have shown that they will enforce their tribal conflict cultures and ultra-conservative attitudes and morality without regard to the host nations laws of the land.
    We must call for a moratorium on this migration unless and until our government is proven to protect our national integrity.
    To do otherwise, with full knowledge of the obvious and inevitable consequences, could be considered criminally irresponsible.
    It is a matter of prioritisng the plight of the refugees against the better good of Australia, as Australia will not survive as we know it.
    For those here, it is imperative that each and every one goes through a multi-day induction course on the laws and ethics, democracy and human rights, and score a hundred percent on all parts and sign off that they understand and will abide by all rules.
    (I have had to do this on numerous mining sites in order to enter and work )

  • Kat Headford says:

    We have Farmers in need of money to survive, we have homeless, children that need homes, a health system that needs a major overhaul and other things desperately wrong in this country, but our government wastes millions to bring people over here, and NOT helping its own? The past governments have plunged Australia into so much dept and it’s only getting worse, and who’ll will have to pay? The Australian working public, NOT the people in government, NOT the rich, and not the refugees, it’s the people that make Australia what it is. So in my opinion letting people into our country, before looking after our country needs is a DISGRACE.

  • Jan Moon says:

    No more refugees. The govt is too inefficient in their dealings with these people, bureaucrats have no idea about real life. The govt ic currentyl hassling and about to crackdown on welfare recipients, but are quite happy to go on paying it to refugees. I hate the way this country changes our long held traditions (e.g Christmas, Easter, the singing of the National Anthem for a start) My children have lived in many different countries, including PNG where they had to sing the PNG National Anthem every morning at school. Is that such an imposition when, especially refugees, you are taking from the government to live your life in safety. Even these peop0le who have been here 40 years or more don’t care to assimilate. How many do you meet who have been her years, but still can’t speak English. And as for building of Mosques, one of the reasons they like to come here is because they know we are weak and will let them have their way. We don’t see China, Korea, Singapore and Easter and Middle Eastern countries rushing to take these people – and they don’t want to go there anyway, because they know that they would have to live by those countries rules, not like Australia, who bends over backwards for then, at the cost of our own homeless, poor, and those with mental health problems, or diseases and health problems that cost huge sums to cure. We can’t afford to help with that, but we can throw money at perhaps dangerous refugees. Who knows who is already in our country, and whether they are a threat?

  • We do not think Islam is compatible with our way of life especially when they are trying to change our lifestyle to theirs as everything we do seems to offend them –also with the state of our economy at the moment we certainly can not afford people that will not work and rort our welfare system leaving us in Deep Debt having to borrow more money just to feed, clothe and pay them welfare also their beliefs of FGM, child marriage and sexual abuse are not wanted here certainly are not compatible with our beliefs as we have enough of these people of our own and certainly do not want a culture that thinks it is normal, Christians yes Islamics NO Because their secular fighting that has been going on since the year dot and will start up here –just look at what is going on in the world –whereever there is trouble Islam is Invoved– until we can look after our own homeless we should not take any more immigrants –get the infrastructure up and running first then consider it again

  • Diane Nolan says:

    While our Vets and homeless live on the streets and our elderly don’t have heating in winter, and cooling in summer. While our politicians take pay rises and while Muslims who are already here rote the system by deceit. While M.T. Send money to scams at the UN. Australia cannot afford to bring in others from Muslim countries who have never worked a day in their lives, or unskilled and will only add to the housing, hospital, and other costs at the expense of our own. No to anymore unskilled country welfare shoppers. Look after our own first.

  • About 15 years ago I started warning people about the consequences of admitting people in to the country who’s lifestyle dated back many centuries, and who had no intention, then or now, to assimilate in to our culture. I was vilified then, and many still do now.
    I am past being polite, as I see the country going exactly in the dorection I warned of.
    My opinion now is Australians ware either dim witted idiots, or obnoxious self centred fools, so far up themselves, they have little or no idea of reality.
    So , my opinion about refugees, “If you cannot differentiate between the good and the bad, there is only one option, keep them all out until you can pick the difference.
    But then what would I know?
    I’m just a right wing nut job to you lot of thick headed twits.

    • Well said Barry, you don’t know who is the true refugee or the terrorist in sheep’s clothing, so our borders need to be shut, and more extensive checking need to be done. In the mean time the Government should stop sending money over seas and start looking after those who pay the wages. And further more we have Homeless, Elderly and veterans without basic needs and the government give themselves a pay rise, I can’t see the how that is fair at all.

  • Des Bell says:

    It has become obvious with events throughout the world and here in Australia, events which are always NOT reported in our local media, that Islam is incompatible with the views and standards of the western world.

    The government struggles to find money to look after our elderly, our sick, our homeless and our farmers.

    Yet they joyfully throw billions of dollars at the UN (a corrupt organization) and at Islamic refugees whose only intentions are to live off our social security and to make sharia the law of the land.

  • Its’ not fair to forget your own people first. We have many problems that we need the money to fix things here such as the elderly, the sick, the homeless , farmers & industry folk etc. To welcome these people here is an atrocity to the ones who deserve it more .These people have not integrated into our society properly & kept them selves segregated deliberately for their religion differences .The Koran is violent extreme & the sooner you recognise that the sooner you can go about repairing the damage you have already caused by letting them get away with murder ,female genital mutilation ,rape, female suppression intimidation to those who venture into their areas & blatant disrespect for our countries laws. A huge civil unrest is prevalent & I feel the people may take matters into their own hands as the islamics have been doing !!! its your job to protect ,look after us & serve you people the best you can……..DO YOUR JOB or get some one in who will !. DR.

    • Kim Blogg says:

      The Australian people need help before anyone else. This is not happening, this unelected government is putting the refugees before Australian people I am just Disgusted David Rochford you are so right

  • I very concerned with the level of Islamic migrants being permitted into and already living in Australia. The best majority refuse to assimilate into Australian culture at the very least, and at worst loathe and dispise our way of life. Yet they are more than willing to take all the benefits (welfare and free health care) that we provide them with. As a community they have the highest level of criminal element in prisons and involved in illegal practices. Unlike other nationalities that have chosen to migrate here over the past 50 yrs, Muslims have failed to contribute to Australia in any positive way. All Muslim immigration should be stopped immediately. All mosques should be monitered and all welfare recipients should be investigated.
    Most Australians have had enough of kowtowing to them. With everything that is done to help them it’s never enough, they always want us to give more to them! Well enough, the politicians should start looking after elderly Australians and genuine welfare cases that have worked hard all their life, paid taxes and now need a little help! If they don’t want to live by our laws and embrace our culture, they should leave!

  • Carmen Bray says:

    I certainly do – I believe that immigration should come to a halt for a period of at least 5 – 10 years whilst our immediate problems in our country have been solved. After commencement – Immigration should only apply to qualified people who may have been sponsored by a company or families who will support them on their arrival and for however long it would take them to acquire a job to fend for themselves and their immediate family the way it used to be in past years. Taxpayers should not be burdened with having to pay for their livelihood in any way, shape or form. Centrelink MUST NOT be made available for new comers. I would much prefer to welcome NON-MUSLIMS into my country.

  • Kim Smith says:

    Islam is not compatible with Australian culture and lifestyle.
    Only Christian migrants should be allowed into Australia from the Middle East

  • Peter Carè says:

    Im not racist against skin color, or religion.. Im racist against attitude..I have no problem with the Migrant Intake , aslong as those said miagrants intergrate into the australian way of life.. If they dont want to do that, leave, its pretty simple.. Sometimes I thiik these said people forget that they need us.. we dont need them..

  • Johnny Juno says:

    I don’t believe many non-Muslims understand the ideology of Islam. First, let me point out I do NOT hate Muslims… and I have been advocating for more immigrants for over 40 years! But Australia has the right to choose who we admit, and not be forced to simply accept anyone who wants to come here by outside “forces” like the U.N. If you think all those who arrived by boat were true asylum seekers, you are very much mistaken. The AFP have proved a very high proportion of those arriving were in fact, country shoppers – and some even chose to return to their countries, than wait for processing.
    You must accept that a practising Muslim follows the teachings of Islam…. and cannot choose to follow some teachings and ignore other teachings. Islam itself DEMANDS that all Muslims do not assimilate, and they are FORBIDDEN to befriend ‘infidels’, under pain of eternal hellfire, and in fact they are commanded by the quran to “pretend friendship” only if it will advance the Islamic cause. ALL Muslims MUST fight (one way or another) to install a global caliphate, for Allah (a false god). These are teachings of Islam, and Muslims must obey. The quran explicitly divides the world into two parts – the believers and the non-believers. It is the sacred duty of all Muslims to cleanse Allah’s world on non-believers. (Research taqiyya, kithman, tawriya, muruna and hudna.)
    Do gooders, apologists, the politically correct brigade and morally-inverted “lefties” must understand that it is the ideology and the not so small number of orthodox Muslims following the ideology to the letter that matter. The peaceful majority never has any say in totalitarian ideologies, whether Imperialism, Fascism, Communism or Islamism.
    Obviously, not all Muslims are radicals (intelligence agencies worldwide estimate the radical element to be between 16% and 23%) – most would happily assimilate and live peacefully IF the Islamic ideology permitted, but any assimilation is forbidden by the quran itself. At the moment we only have a 2.5% Islamic population, but logic dictates that EVERY majority starts out as a minority….
    Can you name those countries anywhere in the world where Islam, in it’s well documented 1400 year history of violence, has co-existed peacefully with the indigenous population once Islam gains a majority (or near majority) demographic? Look at the effect Islam has had in Sweden, the US, France, the UK, in fact most of Europe and enlighten me as to why anyone would think the future will be any different for Australia. I’d also love to hear what non-Muslims find so appealing about this particular ideology……

  • Wendy Pullen says:

    I worry that we have trouble getting along. many not all
    , want the way of life they left. Here in Australia e.g Halal food and their own laws. We seem to get in trouble with offended others. We also have many homeless here who need our help. Our defence men and women need our support when they come home. There is more violence seen in our streets now(rallys). we are in debt and need to fix our economy.Please don’t say I am a bigot for wanting to look after Australia first. Thank You Wendy

  • Charity begins at home. No more refugees, no to Halal. Halal is connected to religion. This is being forced up us, no matter what religion we are or are not. We are not given a choice.
    No matter what we want or say, Government will continue to do their own thing and not listen to the people.

    Well said Johnny Juno (article above)

    from an Infidel

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