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For as the High Court has ruled on many occasions, if it were the Intent of Parliament to allow the ABS to use the legislation in this way and create regulations that can affect National Security, National Pride and encroach on Human Rights, then Parliament would have explicitly said so, but that sure as hell can not be an assumed authority the ABS has by default.

The decision in Probuild significantly expands the scope for parties to challenge adjudication determinations under the Security of Payment Act.

A South Australian man has received a $7,500 fine and a criminal conviction for knowingly and recklessly using the title “psychologist” in breach of the Health Practitioner Regulation National Law as in force in each state and territory (the National Law).

The Court also remitted the decision of whether roads or driveways fall within the definition of ‘significant improvement’ to the Commissioner. The Court’s interpretation of ‘any significant improvement’ significantly extends the areas and types of land for which miners will require written consent from landowners to access.

The Federal Court has declared that Europcar Australia’s 2013 standard rental agreement contained a number of unfair terms and that it had made false and misleading representations about consumers’ liability in the event of vehicle damage.

The Australian ‘farm debt’, currently standing at $67 billion, has more than doubled over the past decade according to the Reserve Bank of Australia. Given that approximately 94% of this debt is owed to Australian banks, and in light of the fact that the farming sector’s debt-to-income ratio is currently sitting near a multi-generational high, reliance on the Farm Debt Mediation Act 1994 (NSW) (Act) in litigation proceedings is becoming increasingly prevalent.

The Coroner found that the Guidelines, whilst not a set of rules or instructions, represented best practice. The Guidelines provided a number of steps to manage risks .

The new guide takes into account the ACCC’s experience in considering and issuing infringement notices since their introduction as part of Australian Consumer Law (ACL) amendments in April 2010.

The judgment makes the task of adjudicators more difficult and broadens the scope for jurisdictional challenge.

In November 2015, an employee of ARC Mercantile, a debt collection agency, released the records of approximately 31,150 Optus customers on, a popular website that links freelancers with paid work. The reason? He wanted some assistance in analysing the data, and appears to have made the whole set publicly available so any potential freelancer knew what they were dealing with.

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